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At Budugalee, your input is essential to our business. Basically, we  want emails telling us that we are amazing.  If you have a funny quote that you are dying to see made into a card,  shoot it our way and we will see what we can come up with. If you are  interested in carrying Budugalee cards in your shop, we would love to  hear from you and can make that magic happen. We also enjoy a good recipe or two and pet pictures - so don’t be shy.

Hours of Operation:
It depends on if we have any new designs or new orders to fulfill.
The more orders the more hours.
Who are we kidding, we are lazy and work at odd times of the day and night.


Customer Service, Sales, Creative Ideas, Encouragement,  Recipes, Pet Pictures

Bernie Wahl
Lockwood, Montana

Webmaster, Chief Paper Cutter &
Head Cook

Mr. Bernie
Yellowstone County, Montana