At Budugalee, we've done our best to create a Web site that  anticipates and satisfies our customers' needs. ( Actually, we used a  template and are just hacking our way through the process.) It sounds so  ultra professional and cool but we do not really know what we are doing.  We threw this up in a couple days time because Bernie is Miss Instant  Gratification Girl and wanted a website. The fact that she was stamping  her feet and whining at her husband has no bearing on this. With that  goal in mind, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

If you do not find an answer to your question here, contact us at bernie@budugalee.com or 1-406-672-2513

Why the name Budugalee?

When Bernie first started making cards she  whined to her husband that she just knew her cards would be butt-ugly.  After gaining a bit of confidence she wanted to have a stamp to hallmark the back of her cards. “What kind of thing should she stamp on the back of her cards?”, she asked of her ultra smart and handsome husband.  He, being just as funny and snarky, suggested the name Budugalee Cards.

Where can I find Budugalee cards?

I am so glad that you asked!! We’d love to be  able to truthfully say, ”Just up the street at your local secret card buying store.”  These fine establishments that have superb sense of  quality carry our cards:
The Quiet Man Book Shop -1233 Route 390, Mountainhome, Pennsylvania
The Dog Spot -1749 Grand Avenue, Billings, Montana
Rock Creek Coffee Roasters - 124 N. Broadway, Billings, Montana
PostNet - 3031 Grand Avenue, Suite 100, Billings Montana

Your cards are so funny! Where do you come up with your funny and snarky wording?

I want to lie and say, Bernie comes up with  everything on her own. She is just that darn funny and creative.  However, that would be a lie. Friends send her funny quotes and assorted pins from Pintrest and various other sources of humorous quips feed her artistic inspiration. If she likes a quote or saying, Bernie will find  some images that match and slap them together to make a fun design.

Will my card look exactly like the pretty picture on my computer?

Nope. It might be close or it might not be. How is that for an answer? Honestly, when Bernie makes the cards she tries  to use several different background colors for each card design.  Background color also depends on if Mr. Bernie was brow beat enough to  cut some new card stock. Please feel free to leave a message with your order if you have a particular color in mind. We’ll try to accommodate your preference. For example, if the sample shows a pink background and you hate pink, then feel free to ask for a different color background to frame the card. We are easy like a Sunday morning. Each card comes with an envelope and protective plastic sleeve to make sure your card/s arrive in  pristine condition.

Where does the magic happen? Can I come see your studio?

No. There is no amazing bright and airy  studio. Just a cluttered craft room in a house. Nothing is mass produced so everything is one of a kind and handmade. Some items may be  perfectly straight and others might be a little off. Either way, the  card will be perfect in all its imperfections.

I have an amazing idea for a card, can I send it to you?
Sure, send an email to bernie@budugalee.com  If you like it and want to buy it, great! If not then we’ll put it up  on the website and let someone else reap the joy. Bernie will give you  credit on her website if you desire for your inspirational input. Sorry  Facebook friend’s who have shared ideas before. Bernie’s husband should  have kept track. Bernie will be giving credit from this point on.  Sometimes you have to send a woman to do a man’s job. Thank you everyone who gave such great ideas.